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Arlan Meekhof came from modest upbringings and ascended to the top of Michigan's political ranks by doing things the old fashioned way: by being a tireless campaigner, a true legislative workhorse, and a calm, steady hand. Arlan's values match up closely with our own, and we've been honored to be working alongside of him since 2008.

Arlan first approached CRG as a first-term State Representative. He had aspirations for a leadership bid and needed help assembling the necessary financial resources to distinguish himself from his colleagues. Arlan's House district was largely rural, and we knew we'd need to develop a larger audience to secure the needed funds.

Through a series of successful events, meetings, and targeted mail pieces, we were able to position Arlan as as fundraising leader among his class which--along with his reputation as a legislative leader--helped him assume the role of House Majority Floor Leader.

We continued partnering with Arlan during his House tenure and were eager to see him ascend to the State Senate in 2010. With Michigan's aggressive term limits, Arlan knew he only had limited time to make a difference. We partnered with him in his first term to build relationships across the state, and then helped him amass tremendous resources for his successful bid to become Senate Majority Leader for the 2014-18 term.

Our scalable fundraising methodologies have proved to be a fantastic fit for Arlan. As his influence in the legislator expanded, we have scaled his finance operation and fundraising totals accordingly. Today, Arlan's events regularly raise more than $100,000, almost solely from individual donors. Arlan is viewed as one of Michigan's most successful GOP fundraisers in recent political history, and we are happy to have been a partner with him since his start. 

"Under their guidance, I have consistently been the top fundraiser in the my caucus. I can always count on them to produce."

-Senate Majority Leader Arlan B. Meekhof