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Campaign Resource Group is a campaign consulting and fundraising firm based in western Michigan. Since being founded in 2007 by president Don Goris, CRG has been at the center of Michigan’s most successful political campaigns and has played instrumental roles in helping its clients reach and exceed their finance goals.

The future of successful funding relies on being aggressive and competent in every avenue of fundraising. Data and digital tools are breaking records each cycle, but traditional major donor, relationship-based tactics continue to yield big dividends. Most consultants have put all their eggs in only one of those two baskets and are misguidedly forcing organizations to choose only one of these two routes. A relationship-based fundraiser still uses strategies from the 1990s and has no capability to leverage data and digital tools. Similarly, digital-only consultants cannot harness the potential of relationships and face-to-face interaction.

We don’t believe in this either/or proposition. We embrace “all of the above” and are the only consulting firm in Michigan that is effectively blending both digital and traditional fundraising methodologies. 

We are a well-rounded firm. As a direct result, we ensure that our clients have well-rounded funding. We believe that how a candidate or organization raises its money is just as important as the total amount raised. A campaign or organization that relies too much on one particular silo of funds is by default very vulnerable and reactionary. On the other hand, a campaign or organization that cultivates a broad and deep donor pool opens the door for huge long-term growth and the ability withstand future financial and political challenges. 

Our fundraising services are scaleable, nimble, and forward-thinking. With CRG at the helm of your finance efforts, your campaign or organization will not only raise more money, but will spend less time and financial resources in the process.

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